Operation Philosophy


The overarching philosophy behind Summerfield is rapid-dispatchable power, SAPGen’s operating profile will deliver rapid power ramping speeds to meet the many demands of the National Energy Market.

The land that the power station is located on has direct access to the SEAGas natural gas easement, allowing SAPGen to construct off-take and gas metering facilities adjacent to our generators.

With the generation technologies of battery, gas-fired turbine/generators, heat recovery steam turbine generators and solar, the operating profile of the plant will be able to deliver power to the grid rapidly and efficiently.

While waiting for demand from the grid, the LM2500 Xpress DLE generators will be operating as synchronous condensers, providing inertia into the grid. The additional inertia produced by our units will enable, through agreement with SAPGen,further support for renewable energy development. The extremely agile capabilities of the Summerfield Power Station will provide the opportunity for renewable energy companies to ‘grid-firm’ their intermittent generation, unlocking new market opportunities and improving market competition.

When the notice for supply is received, Summerfield Power Station can dispatch the batteries to supply power immediately while the gas turbine/generators and heat recovery steam turbines are ramping up. We can be operating within minutes of receiving the dispatch advice.

When the need for supply is decreased, the plant will begin to wind down while simultaneously charging the batteries in preparation to meet the next demand increase.

In addition to the benefit of a quick-start full-load power plant, the batteries also eliminate the necessity for diesel black-start generators and the associated diesel fuel systems and storage, improving our plant’s environmental profile and reducing costs.