Hybrid Plant Benefits



LM2500 Xpress DLE gas turbines, in a combined cycle configuration, deliver flexible, reliable and affordable power. The utilisation of GE Power’s lithium ion battery energy storage solutions (BESS) further enhances the Summerfield’s efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness while providing the ability for the Plant to participate in more elements of the FCAS market.

The hybrid system allows the Plant to very rapidly respond to changing energy dispatch needs, increasing fuel savings and lowering the emissions of the plant.

The batteries act as a contingency reserve asset, for the proposed plant that means 60 MW of reserve power available per phase. They also act as primary frequency response and reactive voltage support, providing 30 MW of high-quality regulation through each set on-site. This means the hybrid system proposed can supply multiple ancillary services in one system, as opposed to traditional methods with a far larger environmental footprint.


Battery Shed Render