The implementation of the Power Station will place a rapid-responding state of the art plant in South Australia with benefits including:

  • Increased Reliability
    • Located a short distance from Adelaide, meaning less chance of disruption and catastrophic failure.
  • Increased Dispatchable Capacity
    • Will increase liquidity in the SA Market and enhance retail competition
  • Lower average and peak wholesale prices
  • Provide Network Services / Frequency Control


Renewable Technologies

Renewable technologies such as wind and solar are intermittent power generators, with the power produced constantly varying. Renewable power plants need ‘grid-firming’ support, when solar or wind decreases, the need for reliable power increases. Our Power Station will help to provide a safety-net for the consumers and much needed support for renewable producers.

We are supporters of renewable energy and believe that with every 100MW of power delivered by our generators we unlock the potential for an additional 750 to 1000MW of power development in the renewable sector. With the construction of the NSW/SA Interconnector, the opportunity for renewables in South Australia and interstate increases.